If you’re insistent on camping in the winter, you’re going to need to be supplied with the proper equipment. The frigid air requires a bit more preparation, care, and gear, else you may find yourself in a dangerous situation.

As you’re getting yourself together to tackle the freezing temperatures, something you’ll have to take great consideration of how you’re going to stay warm while you sleep. Though you may pack plenty of layers to keep from succumbing to the elements, your sleeping bag is going to play a big part in keeping you warm.

The following are among the best sleeping bags made for those cold, winter temperatures.

Feathered Friends Snowbunting

Despite a higher price tag and a smaller hood, the Feathered Friends Snowbunting is a great option for campers looking to tackle the winter weather of the wild. Weatherpoof, breathable, and warm, the Snowbunting is a versatile option for zero degree temperatures and is stuffed with 850-fill down. At 43 oz, the Snowbunting won’t weigh down your gear.

Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0

Warm and comfortable, the Phantom 0 is filled with 800-fille down, making it slightly lighter than the Snowbunting without sacrificing functionality. Great for zero degree temperatures, the Phantom 0 offers a comfortable hood, differentiated pull cords, asymmetrical neck baffle, and convenient pockets on the inside.

Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0

Big Agnes Boot Jack 24 Sleeping Bag

If it’s a value you’re looking for, then the Boot Jack 24 should be in your sights. The much lower price tag is perfect for campers on a budget and while it may be considerably cheaper, the Jack 24 is still suitable for freezing temperatures. Comfortably stuffed with 600-fill Downtek duck down, this sleeping bag is lightweight and stitched with mesh panels and Insotect Flow technology in the vertical side baffle.

MontBell Burrow Bag #0

Slightly more expensive than the Jack 24 Sleeping Bag, the MontBell Burrow Bag is also slightly heavier and more cumbersome. A flexible liner and stretch stitching provides a comfortable sleeping situation while also working effectively at zero degree temperatures. Dual cords in the hood offer versatility to help create whatever comfort level the user is looking for.

The North Face Inferno Sleeping Bag

The North Face Inferno Sleeping Bag

With the name The North Face attached to this sleeping bag, you can bet that you’ll be getting a quality product with the Inferno Sleeping Bag. Graded for 16 degrees and insulated with 800-fill ProDown, this sleeping bag is a quality addition to all winter camping gear. The half-length center zipper, mummy cut, cinch-cord, and draft color and overlap let you bundle up warm while still giving you the room needed to not feel claustrophobic. For extra storage and convenience, an internal pocket has been sewn in.

With the proper and best sleeping bag, you’ll be able to remain comfortable and warm even in the coldest of conditions. Pack the best and you’ll enjoy a comfortable, warm night of rest.